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Grinders versatile DREMEL 3000-2/30

DREMEL general purpose grinding unit model 3000-2/30.

Limited-purpose rigs polished version of its popular DREMEL.
Completely redesigned for more grip with great Hobby crafts woodworking.
More small scale RC required elaborate and highly detailed pieces of equipment.
Still very high cycle applications enable continuous long without heating equipment, and also accessories.
DREMEL 225 Flex Shaft is a cord for connection to the Dremel 3000 to supplement the work of the small and narrow with agility. It was designed to Connect easily and quickly with a simple catch running out comfortable Grip.

Package include:

  • Storage boxes made of Plastic well
  • Machine Dremel 3000
  • Flexible Hose FLEXIBLE CABLE
  • SANDING JIG for sanding
  •  Head sanding, polishing marble, polished with polish cloth, locking chuck wrench includes 30 pieces.
  • Manual How to use
Drill spindle thread 0.8 -3.2 mm.
Speed(RPM) 10,000 -32,000 rpm
Input Voltage 220V 50 Hz
Motor Power 120W
Weight(Kg.) 0.62
Instruction Yes
Case Plasatic Case
Warranty 6 Months Warranty
Width 5
Thickness 4
Length 21


Spare Part list Dremel 3000

Download (180.11k)

Dremel 3000-2/30


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Grinders versatile DREMEL 3000-2/30

Grinders versatile DREMEL 3000-2/30

Grinders versatile DREMEL Model 3000-2/30


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