Payment Channel

1. Money Transfer at your prefer Bank or ATM

Account Name: Pueanchung Pakchong

 Kasikorn Bank Pakchong Branch  Acc. No. 188-2-05125-9

krungsri   Krungsri Bank Pakchong Branch Acc. No. 033-1-59831-0

 Thai Military Bank Pakchong Branch Acc. No. 481-2-40927-6

 SCB Lotus Pakchong Branch Acc. No. 407-7-03614-1

 Bangkok Bank Pakchong Branch Acc. No. 331-4-72197-2

  Krung Thai Bank Pakchong Branch Acc. No. 303-0-70623-0

2. Pay by 


Payment Confirmation

1. From the home screen, you can click at "PAYMENT CONFIRMATION" as you see in the picture.


2. Please prepare your order number and the money transfer information such as Bank's name, Total amount and the estimate time when you created the money transfer. If you have a picture or soft file of payment slip. you can send its by click at the "Choose File" button.



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